CptainCrunch has been a PC gaming FPS fan since the first Doom game. He has tried many different games over the years and has decided to focus on the Battlefield series, which he actually hated at first. After receiving the gift of 1942 for Christmas from his brother, he decided to give it another try and actually get to know the game regardless of how poorly he played. After figuring out the nuances and communities of the game, he has been forever set on the Battlefield, Call of Duty, and Medal of Honor titles, with an occasional Quake appearance.

With the release of Battlefield 2 the Cptain decided it was time to really get into FPS gaming and found the Total Gaming Network community, totalgamingnetwork.com. There he met many fine characters with tons of fun and information. At the end of September, 2009, he joined TGN as one of the news moderators for the Call of Duty section. Little did Crunch know that on October 17th, just under one month in his new position, he would be dropping the bombshell around the world that CoD:MW2 would be dropping dedicated servers from PC for the hated IWnet. Modern Warfare 2 would be Crunchs’ last CoD game to this date.

After two great years with TGN and posting up news, articles, and tidbits about games in both the Call of Duty and Battlefield section, CptainCrunch decided it was time to retire due to time constraints. He continues to post on TGN as well as battlefieldo.com.

Throughout his time at TGN CptainCrunch has posted many various ideas and thoughts about games and their outcome. Some notable items includes the layout of Battlefield 3 and what the game would be like four months before the alpha, the prediction of Robert Bowling leaving IW within six months of a video that was posted with him and Sledgehammer bigwigs, and the return of Commander Mode in Battlefield 4 before the E3 announcement, but that it would be different from the BF2/142 games.

Unfortunately, due to a server malfunction at TGN, the Blog of CptainCrunch was lost and that brought the decision to put up a blog in a place that may be more permanent. In case you are wondering, that place is here.

Other non-FPS games CptainCrunch has enjoyed has been the Thief series, the Wing Commander series, the Total War Series, with Shogun 2 being the favorite, Plants vs Zombies, the Overlord series, and many countless zombie games.

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