Mouse Changes for Battlefield 1 for PC

Posted: December 25, 2017 in Battlefield


First, Merry Christmas!

Back in August, during a sale, I was ready to purchase Battlefield 1. I say ready because the beta did not go well for me and I decided to skip the game until a number of patches were released to make the game more enjoyable. So I get the game and installed it and started playing and it ran fine, but the game seemed a bit “off”. I couldn’t really explain it except that it seemed a bit unresponsive and my soldier felt like it was very slow compared to the other players. I knew something was off and that it was my settings, not the game itself, but I couldn’t quite figure it out so I decided to do some digging and found that the default settings in Battlefield 1 are not really optimized for a modern PC. I decided since Christmas was coming and people are buying games at discounts and as gifts, I would post up what I did to make the game run smoother and not be so frustrating on PC.

The first thing to say on this is a lot of configuration on any game depends on the person. These settings are not going to work for everyone and it does depend what feels correct for you. I wanted to post this up so you have a starting place to check settings that may make a difference for you. I had to play with these settings myself and some things worked for me right away and some did not and took some trial and error to get things to feel right.


I’m actually not going to re-invent the wheel, but provide a screenshot of my settings and a video. The bottom line was I had to adjust my mouse sensitivity and turn on raw mouse input to get the movements feeling right.

Here is the screenshot of where you will be making your adjustments. The screenshot is set to my in-game settings today and it is what I play with. AGAIN, remember these have to be adjusted for you. You probably won’t be able to just copy my settings and hope for the best. I spent weeks tweaking and trying to figure this problem out.

Battlefield 1 Screenshot 2017.12.24 -

DooM49 on YouTube made a great mouse adjusting video for Battlefield 1, so I want to share it here. For me, in the end, I tried the math he explains, but it just didn’t work for me. It kept feeling slow so I kept increasing the sensitivity and found the settings that worked for me. The important thing though is it gave me a starting point. Until then I was moving that slider all over the place and couldn’t fine tune the settings. I recommend you do the math as well and see how it goes then adjust. Find an empty server you can test in.

That is it and it made a huge difference. One final note; I also tweaked my FOVs and other ADS options. Those vary a lot with people, so if you are still filling slow or off you may want to adjust those settings. I’m not going to really explain everything, but here are a couple screenshots you can use to compare. I have a 24″ monitor at 1980×1080 resolution and use an NVidia 1070 video card:

Battlefield 1 Screenshot 2017.12.25 -

Battlefield 1 Screenshot 2017.12.25 -


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