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First, Merry Christmas!

Back in August, during a sale, I was ready to purchase Battlefield 1. I say ready because the beta did not go well for me and I decided to skip the game until a number of patches were released to make the game more enjoyable. So I get the game and installed it and started playing and it ran fine, but the game seemed a bit “off”. I couldn’t really explain it except that it seemed a bit unresponsive and my soldier felt like it was very slow compared to the other players. I knew something was off and that it was my settings, not the game itself, but I couldn’t quite figure it out so I decided to do some digging and found that the default settings in Battlefield 1 are not really optimized for a modern PC. I decided since Christmas was coming and people are buying games at discounts and as gifts, I would post up what I did to make the game run smoother and not be so frustrating on PC.