The Re-Return of the Blog

Posted: July 13, 2013 in The Cptains Talk
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newcptain3_zps41e6b88cSo after the latest server crash at TGN and the long period of downtime, I got to missing the people and talking and the going-ons in the gaming world. There have been a few things I wanted to write a blog about and could not do so. After a few days of thinking about it I felt I had two choices; 1. Call it done and just float around on the internet as another lurker in forums and not really give my two cents worth or 2. Figure out how to get a blog up and get the show back on the road and get my opinionated ideas back on the internet.

I have had this WordPress account for some time and never really used it. I wanted to grab the CptainCrunch name and thought one day I would build it up and do some stuff. I guess that day has come. I wanted to make a more permanent home and, nothing against TGN, something a little more stable.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love TGN and all the people involved in the site. I was actually thinking a little more about this change about a month ago after I wrote about Commander being back in BF4. What triggered me thinking about this was that I wanted to post my BF2142 How-To video on being a Commander. A nostalgia piece locked in times of long ago. The problem was that it was a video on the Google system. For those that don’t know this, Google had its own video section before they bought YouTube. Then they decided to merge the two. Then they decided that was a load of crap and instead told everyone they had a period of time to merge it themselves before deleting everything on the Google side. Then they came out and said never mind, all is good and Google will merge it and your content will be there forever. Then all those videos disappeared. Lost forever in some shut down Google server I suppose.


So that got me thinking that forever on the internet must really mean six years or so. Then I was wondering, what if TGN crashed, upgraded, or was hacked again? I don’t want to lose all my writings again! I just started back up, after all. As hard as this may be to believe, I actually put a lot of thought into my blog writings. I want there to be facts and well thought out pathways to show the conclusion I came to. Not some knee jerk idea that is based on gut feelings that the mass majority just spews out everywhere. I actually think about this stuff. Then…..TGN crashed. As of this writing, the blogs are not back, though the blogging section is. I hope they do come back, and if so, I plan to pull them here to add to this place.


So there you have it. I plan to build on this place and it will take some time. I have some content I need to get going to start filling this place in. I’m also going to have to figure out how to work WordPress correctly and get a nice page going. I plan to bring my YouTube channel stuff here as well. Maybe get some video links going along with the blog section. My main focus will be Battlefield and the gaming industry. I will bring in other articles and videos and talk about them and hopefully get this place going a bit.

Who knows, maybe I will get a following and some people to help contribute and have their say as well. It could be a good time for everyone. We will have our forums at TGN and Battlefieldo and maybe this little place on the internet.

  1. jimykx says:

    Sounds great! Can’t wait!

  2. signaprime says:

    nice work! #crunchy

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